Promoting El Cantante in Vegas. Now you I know I love her, you know I think she almost never looks bad... but still… Sometimes the fake eyelashes are a bit overkill, you know? Especially when you can see them and they look all splotchy and weird. And then the hair. For an Asian girl like me, I envy body. I envy all you with the lift at the crown that comes naturally. Or at least easily. Mine is plastered against my scalp at the best of times… EXCEPT right before I go to bed. My hair ALWAYS, without fail, looks amazing before I go to bed - the ultimate cocktease, but I digress. About JLo. A girl with good hair. Or extensions. Whatever. And I love when she does her half hair back thing. Like in the video for Love Don’t Cost a Thing. Pulled flat with off the forehead then big and bouncey at the back. Most of the time, she does pouffy perfect. Which is why I’m not feeling that it was lying dead flat all over and scraggling limply off the sides last night. Far from ugly but far from her finest… As for El Cantante – they say she’s gunning for Oscar with this one. And I think she just might get that nomination. Fantastic performance…both of them actually. So if she gets pregnant this year (year of the Pig is said to be fertile) AND she’s favoured during award season, imagine how much MORE attached to the Church she’ll be? Praise Thetan, Ah Xenu, the GMD is immortal. Source and Source