At this rate, you and I will get to witness the birth and the placenta feast of Second Sci before Oprah gets so much as a phone call. Check it out, James Vanderbeek arriving at the TomKat wedding party on Saturday, better known as Dawson, a friend from pre-GMD days, perhaps the only friend from pre-GMD days allowed to take part in her life. To my knowledge, they never dated - not threatening - and he doesn"t seem to be as famous as the others who"ve excelled beyond the Creek - also not threatening. Something tells me Pacey wouldn"t be welcome. Or Michelle Williams for that matter, though she"s such a bitch she"d probably send a nasty response about not wanting to be invited because, of course, she never wants to be, ever. I don"t know what"s worse: begging the public to care about your fraud love or c*nting out on your fans for caring abour your real one.