Earlier this week several tabloids printed rumours that Tom & Katie would marry in Italy late November at Clooney"s Como villa. Us Weekly is now saying Italy is the new location but that Clooney isn"t a part of it. Please. Does George really need to roll with Tom Cruise??? As for wedding details…apparently Posh will be the Matron of Honour, she and Katie went together to scout out the location, and of course his reps will not confirm or deny the report because well, let"s face it, the story has generated 3 days of press and counting. Now why would they want to put a stop to that? Italy apparently holds a place in the TomKat heart. If you recall, Rome is where their love first bloomed. Rome is where we were first treated to what would go on to become the longest public display of affection leading to pregnancy leading to childwatch EVER, in the history of Hollywood. But while no one knows for sure whether or not it"ll actually happen this time, I can tell you that the lingering buzz that her family is still resistant is complete rubbish. They"re not falling all over themselves to become Scientological in-laws but they are far from acting as obstacles in making this happen. Katie is committed. Hypnotised perhaps, but definitely committed. Sorry, I clarify. Katie is giving the appearance of being committed. As I mentioned yesterday, she"s looked more assertive of late, more in control, willing and quit able to play *that* girl. You know That Girl. The young mother with rosy cheeks, the young bride with a cheerful disposition, the one with a hot career who put it all on hold for man and baby - how many MiniVan Majority Moms are cheering on her example? Well played, don"t you think? Source