I am all over Drew Barrymore right now. Loved her recent article in Vogue, loved the way she brilliantly addressed the droopy booby fiasco on Saturday Night Live, and I love how fresh and pretty and juicy she looks (at the premiere of Curious George via Hollywood Rag)after months and months of retreat from the spotlight. She is so delicious I want to nuzzle her like a fragrant peach and then savour every bite slowly. My only teeny weeny complaint - and it"s not a big deal - is that the eyebrows could use just a smidge of work only because girls like Drew are so boho that when the grooming goes a little unkempt, there is a very subtle suggestion of poor hygiene in other places and you never want to look like you might be one of those chicks with bad body odour…like Alanis Morrissette. Does that make sense? Anyway, still no word about all the pregnancy reports, although her tits don"t look unusually large here and I can"t spot a bump but it"s not exactly the kind of frock where one would protrude anyway. I"ve also heard reports of her out drinking after the Globes and smoking up a storm and while that certainly doesn"t mean anything in Hollywood even when the stars ARE preggers, there really isn"t enough buzz on the wires to substantiate many of your suspicions following the green dress incident a couple of weeks ago. Therefore, I’m putting this to bed for now. After all, I am already trying to track 3 other pregnancies, a possible anorexic, the Brad/Angie saga, the Cruise alien arrival, and the next couple to split. Needless to say, Drew"s maybe baby isn"t high on the list of priorities. Do I have your approval?