Once again, a fixture at the weekend match. Once again, totally inseparable, as though Katie would stop breathing if he stopped touching her. Note the thinner she gets, the plumper he becomes – the GMD’s physique is so totally Travolta these days, non? As you know, their wedding celebration was the same night: 300 guests at Paula Wagner’s including the usual pre-scientologists Jennifer Lopez, the Smiths and of course some industry heavyweights including Bruckheimer and Brian Grazer. And it is Grazer’s presence that has people talking – Brian Grazer of Imagine Entertainment, producing partner of Ron Howard, with many, many major successful blockbusters under his belt…trust me when I tell you, everyone’s door is wide open to Tom Cruise. Hollywood Voldemort , see? PS. Penelope Cruz showed up, reportedly with Three Whiskers. Not exactly the best way to debeard. And in his case, not exactly the best way to convince us he actually has balls. Source