Call me Cruise but I hope not. Read the entire article before making your conclusion.

OK! Magazine claims she’s leaving him. Because he’s controlling, because he doesn’t give her her own space, because he shadows her everywhere and she’s finally tired of being controlled. The report references several huge scraps – one last summer and one in December with Jennifer venturing out solo to seek solace from friends – Marc’s jealousy at the Globes in January when she was dancing with another man, and his constant pressure on her to sell her homes in Miami and LA (no reason provided in the article).

Thing is – he’s always been attached to her. And at the beginning, it certainly seemed a bit creepy, a bit warden-like. But having observed them together at TIFF, having observed how she rolls, there is nothing to suggest she isn’t the forceful diva she’s been presented to be all along. We saw them on the carpet at the El Cantante premiere, we saw them in our eTalk Lounge, we saw them at the afterparty dancing up a storm, surrounding by her family, including her mother, mingling with the minions…if you ask me, he’s not controlling her, he’s actually just in awe of her. Like that guy who never thought he could get that girl so when he gets her all he does is follow her around worshipping her – THAT is what it’s like.

But then again… OK! is saying they’re through. So they must be through, right?

Well… they were together yesterday during rehearsal for her performance tonight on American Idol, and they were fine last week on endless promo for her Spanish album which, as you’ve probably heard, supposedly tanked in its first week of release.

Oh but wait…do you smell what I smell?

Jennifer Lopez has a stable love life. Jennifer Lopez has been happily married for longer than anyone ever thought possible. Jennifer Lopez boring? Therefore Jennifer Lopez can’t move records? So what happens when things suddenly get spiced up? What happens when she goes on Idol AND is supposedly suffering from another broken relationship?

One two punch = sales sales sales?

Roll your eyes all you want but I’m telling you, they’ll stage ANYTHING in Hollywood to turn a profit. Trust.

Finally – the NY Daily News has sources who insist that Jennifer and Marc are more in love than ever. Her rep is also dismissing the magazine’s claims and threatening to sue. And given that El Cantante is supposed to be JLo’s big Oscar push, co-starring her husband, any split – even if it is true – will likely be moved back to account for an awards season illusion…think Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe.

Stay tuned, will keep you posted.