The GMD and the Faire Pilot in Toronto at the same time??? Praise Thetan, ah-Xenu!

March 1st in Toronto at the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative at the Westin Harbour Castle: a private, invite-only event to build awareness and inspire industry to begin “addressing poverty on a global scale”.

Celebrity attendees include Norah Jones, Wyclef, Shakira, Elton John, Robin Wiliams…and…

Tom Cruise AND John Travolta!

At the same time, in the same room, doubling the power of Xenu among the wealthiest of the wealthy in Canada. Do you smell a recruitment? And will Robobride be doing the recruiting?

More shots from their dinner last night at The Cut with Will and Jada.

It’s like she’s drowning her sorrows in clothing…what the hell is that dress all about?

Thanks Kim!

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