How in love do you have to be? Big scoop by the London Sun today – a video of Pete Doherty taken shortly after celebrating their Buddhist wedding in Thailand, he apparently left Kate at the resort, hooked up with three complete strangers, went back to their dinky hotel room and proceeded to shoot cocaine … reportedly 3 times in the space of less than 3 hours, sometimes nodding off mid injection. He also called Kate during his spree, assuring her wasn’t using and telling her he loved her. Heartbreaking part is that according to these witnesses, Kate is deeply in love with him: “What’s wrong? I love you”, clearly despondent that her spiritual mate had fallen off the wagon…again. Apparently, after a few minutes of this, Pete became agitated and was asked to leave the hotel…but not before asking reception where he could score some heroin. Kate supposedly came to retrieve him and after trying to buy heroin again the following day, she sent his ass back to England. At press time, they are both ensconced in some kind of treatment facility, as she continues her stalwart support, still believing that he will somehow overcome. So tragic and perhaps stupid…but her devotion? I find it quite redeeming. Frightening, disturbing…yes, yes. All those things. But admirable too. Call me Cruise but my heart actually hurts a little. Video here