On a 40 year old socialite, on Anna Wintour - I love the fringe.

On KatE Holmes, young gorgeous giantess married to a Gay Midget Dwarf? She looks lovely, yes she does. But for a girl not yet 28? Really? Really?

It’s debatable.

They showed up at the Bambi Awards in Germany yesterday for his “Courage” Award. Courage for what, exactly??? For hiding his gaygay under a cult?


The gown and the shrug however are genius. Amazing. And her face? The skin? The eyes? The eyeliner? Amazing.

And wasted! Wasted on this. Wasted on a beast in the shadows with his prominent nose hulking in supervision – Alfred Hitchcock’s side profile in Alfred Hitchcock Presents always used to freak me out. Like clowns for some people, it was the black and white shot of the side of his face.

Throw in some Xenu power and Tom’s distinctive beak and it’s….

Chills, chills, chills.

PS. Please spare the bulge talk…please? So her stomach isn’t concave. Baby Bumpwatch is boring.

Photos from Splash and Wenn and CU