If you don’t read Harry Potter (why the hell not???) you probably won’t get the reference but as far as things go in Hollywood, you can’t deny the tenacity and sheer…… UN-killableness of Tom Cruise. Just a few short months ago in the summer, after being dumped by Paramount and embarrassingly admonished in the Wall Street Journal by Viacom Chairman Sumner Redstone, the GMD was flat out on the mat at 7 ½ - what (spoiler!) Meredith was before being ridiculously resuscitated by her mother and the pressure of Christina’s hands on her feet. Yes, I’m STILL angry about Grey’s Weak Anatomy. And then Daniel Snyder bailed him out. And then Little Sci appeared in Vanity Fair. And then they invited everyone to their wedding. And at the same time he announced his United Artists endeavour, heading up his very own studio with A-list support. And now it’s a new year and a new outlook and all of a sudden, Sumner Redstone – the very powerful Sumner Redstone – is backpedaling, making a public peace offering at the feet of the Cruise Phoenix… See? Told you not to write him off. As I wrote several months ago, like the Dark Lord Voldemort with Dark Magic and Dark Disciples lurking in wait for his return, Tom Cruise will not easily be conquered. Especially now that Katie Holmes has been sold to the MiniVan Majority as the new Stepford RoboBride, with 2007 culminating in yet another Oscar bid alongside Robert Redford and Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise is officially BACK. F&ck. But at the very least, we"ll always have Rolling Stone? Source