500 guests – and there was no room for Oprah??? Oh it’s ON, y’all. It is SO ON. Jim Carrey has arrived, Brooke has arrived, Jerry Bruckheimer too, Jada came with JLo, Will is supposedly trying to get there, still working on whether or not Spielberg will bury the hatchet… in other words, not only a star studded event but a power event too. My sources are buzzing that this is a weekend based on “public” love, but also a weekend based on business wheeling and dealing. I imagine the Holmes from Ohio are suitably unimpressed. But still…Tom Cruise is back. Tom Cruise is wielding a mighty celebrity sword, and Tom Cruise, never one to miss an opportunity, will be using the occasion to bolster his resurgent public image AND the production list of his new company. Well played, non? Having said that, it is nice to know that our Gay Midget Cause has not been for naught. Check out this email from Cathy in Florida yesterday: No exaggeration, no lie, I saw this "bumper sticker" today on the back of a guy"s Dodge pick up truck. It was clear background with the black lettering. Here"s what it said- "Forget voting out the GOP, vote out the GMD" and next to it was a silhouetted (spelling?) picture of TomKat, in the same kind of format/color as the words! At the stop light, I asked the guy where he got it. He said there"s this little strip mall not far from Fort Lauderdale Beach where you can make your own bumper sticker, and this is what he made because, in his words, "Tom Cruise is a gay lunatic.” A little gloating here but also much appreciation. I did coin the term the GMD but I must express gratitude to YOU for helping to disseminate it so that it is becoming part of our pop culture lexicon with its very own entry in the Urban Dictionary. Thank you, love you, owe you. Forever yours, united in GMD skepticism, Lainey Source