Over the last few months, Page Six has chronicled an alleged feud between Tom Cruse and super director Steven Spielberg that supposedly began when Tom disappointed Steven by focusing much of his efforts during War of the Worlds press time to Church teachings and psychiatry-bashing. 

In today’s issue, the Post references a recent article in the New Yorker that seems to corroborate reports of a rift, giving details about a Ritalin-prescribing doctor who was mentioned by Spielberg to Cruise and who was subsequently targeted by Scientologists eager to discredit his practice. And, as usual, for the sue-happy eyes of Tommy’s legal team, what you’re about to read is completely speculative, based on conjecture, and is in no way to be interpreted as fact. Because we all know Tom Cruise is not a lunatic and also very, very devoted to an organisation that espouses rational and highly intelligent beliefs including but not limited to alien invasion, alien warfare, and alien auditing that will enable all of us to reach true actualisation at the reported bargain price of half a million dollars. This means that the Church of Scientology is a nice place with nice people and nice customs. Praise Xenu, ah-Thetan. 

Anyway, back to the Spielberg situation. As you can see from what appear be recent photos taken at an awards ceremony over the weekend, Tom and Steven are together once again, with Tom presenting a rather phallic-inspired trophy to an awkward looking Steven. Note the body language - or is that just my imagination? More importantly though, given that Spielberg has supposedly been most unimpressed with Tom’s Scientological fervour, what’s behind the public love-in? Is it possible that Steven got spooked? Is it possible that the Ritalin doctor’s experience was really a warning intended for Steven himself? Has Scientology succeeded in scaring even the most successful director in Hollywood? I’m telling you, gossips…this sh*t is getting out of hand. Between the Katie Holmes lobotomy, the Little Sci conspiracy, and now the Spielberg capitulation – gossiping about Tom Cruise has become less smutty than it is sinister, with no end to Church domination for at least another 20 years until The Chosen One comes of age. Because right now – who has the balls to stand down Scientology? Photos from Gossip Rocks