The very first occasion of the year – and Presenting Katie could not have come at a better time! As you know, the Morton Tom Cruise bio is due out next week and while reviews of the book have not been enthusiastic, still the chilling suggestions are beginning to slither into the MiniVan Majority consciousness…though this vision of Katie last night at the Mad Money premiere is sure to make the yummy mummy stroller patrol forget all about the creepy allegations. 

And here they are! Tom “presenting” his glowing wife clad in Armani wearing her hair straight and her shoulders slumped, subtle but sexy makeup, cocking out a hip a la Victoria Beckham, pushing up her tits like Posh, and proudly playing up the glam. Katie is in wicked shape and the back of this dress is divine…though perhaps a little bit “over”? Armani or not, Lauren Conrad wore the sh*t out of this style, non? 

Still…despite the fact I’m no great fan of the hair, at the very least there’s no sign of Sally. And she does look glorious, non? Glorious and gracious too!

When asked on the carpet about Granny Freeze’s pregnancy, Katie seemed thrilled, "I"m so happy for her. It"s wonderful." I totally believe her. Because Xenu makes some strong ass happy pills and Katie has been popping them for a long time.

Besides, there’s nothing like a young, hot Katie on the carpet to steal Granny’s expectant thunder. Something tells me Katie enjoys trumping Nicole. 

And finally, about Tom – of course he was the perfect husband last night, letting his Robobride bask in the spotlight while signing autographs away from the hoopla. Then her took her out for dinner afterwards at The Cut and “presented” her again.

Two Presentions in one night! Praise Thetan, ah-Xenu.

PS. Have you notice she even guffaws like him now? Teeth flying all over the place and unnecessarily “big” laughter?

PPS. I think my new favourite has to be the way he grins like a banshee while “watching” her from the sidelines – see captions. Seeing Tom grinning like a crazy person makes my life. 


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