Katie Holmes ran a marathon yesterday in the morning and the showed up looking totally gorgeous in the face, but terribly terribly dressed, to the NYC screening of Lions for Lambs just hours later. And yes… Tom is “presenting” her!!!

But of course he is. Why pass up the opportunity to evoke Camelot, especially the week before the release of his first movie as head of United Artists? In all fairness, Lions for Lambs doesn’t suck. Not at all. But will the public pay to see yet another war/Iraq affair?


The GMD must be very, very, very angry at Rendition and The Kingdom and In the Valley of Elah.

But back to Katie’s outfit… what the hell is with those pants? Those are office worker pants. Those are middle aged pants. Those are not the pants of a girl who had a baby 18 months ago and just ran a marathon and is a lean mean muscle machine.

Same goes for the shoes. Couldn’t she have gone with a pair of Chloe ballet flats? Why wear Chinatown market sandals just because your husband is vertically challenged?

Does the MiniVan Majority hate Louboutin?