Oh my Xenu… I LOVE Little Sci! She’s the cutest, non? 

Here she is in New York all matchy matchy with her parents, in town as mom promotes Mad Money. Not sure what Tom Cruise is doing with his handheld camera but of course he’s all like proud papa, both to his child and also to his wife, his two prized possessions.

Really wish he’d quit it with those pea coats, you know? They’re terribly unflattering. And in combination with Kate’s high waisted dark denims, the two look right out of the 70s. In fact, they actually look like my parents. My father, bless him, is a little man too. 

Latest wild rumour? You’ll love this:

Tom is supposedly desperate to have another baby, preferably arriving when his new movie drops – you’ll recall Little Sci was a well timed delivery too, born just weeks before the release of Mission Impossible 3. 

Katie however has been busy training for the Boston Marathon – almost overtraining – to the point where it could be affecting optimum conditions for conception, which is why their church handlers are trying to get her to ease up. Stranger still… word is she’s resisting. 

Resisting the will of Xenu? Is that even possible? I refuse to believe it. 

photos from Splashnewsonline.com