Tom Cruise’s interview with the Mighty Opes was the talk of the weekend. Click here to read my initial impressions

How many times did they have to say “I Love You” before she left the house? Watching these two I’m convinced I’m in a loveless marriage. 

But KatE was SO thin, non? 

Part 2 continues today in Oprah’s studio, with celebrity appearances, live and taped, by many of his closet friends, including Steven Spielberg, with whom he is rumoured to be feuding. 

Needless to say, vouching for Tom Cruise on Oprah is nothing short of an emphatic declaration that Steven, whatever their past quibbles, is back on Team Cruise.

As Tom told Oprah during their interview in Telluride – he is “turning it up!”

So then it’s no surprise that he and KatE showed up in New York this weekend. And coming along for the ride… none other than Little Sci who hasn’t been seen in months. Little Sci in the City!

Coincidence or conspiracy? 

Even more intriguing, OK! Magazine  is reporting that Tom and Matt Lauer will go head to head once again – it’s a full scale PR assault designed to re-woo the MiniVan Majority. And you know what? 

It is working. Already it is working. Because Oprah is God and Little Sci is the cutest thing ever!

Here’s the happy family in New York on several outings. A dorky looking Tom dragged his wife to a performance of The Country Girl on Broadway and then boarded a helicopter on Sunday, destination unknown. Look at Little Sci’s chunky little feet. Like hot buns, just want to bite them! 

Seriously… I love her. 

And as I first reported exclusively  several weeks ago, the two are expected to attend the Costume Institute Gala as guests of Giorgio Armani tonight. I’m not going to lie. When I see them, and if he PRESENTS her, I will lose my sh*t. 

Full commentary from the red carpet tomorrow. Promise.

And one final thought:

We can’t fight his return. It’s happening, it’s inevitable, and it is indeed still the chills, chills, chills. But at the very least, Tom Cruise is a REAL celebrity. He’s not an MTV manufactured gimmick for the tween attention span. He’s a fraud and he’s a freak but he’s also a bonafide movie star. He is the best of fun smut. He and his white wedge shoe lifts , his camel toe pants, and the presentations of his wife are what nurtures and sustains gossip. 

Tom Cruise is crazy. But you know you love it. Don’t lie.

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