Tom Cruise, Robo, and Little Sci arrived in Tokyo this weekend to promote Valkyrie. They were greeted at the airport by hundreds of screaming Hello Kitties eager for a glimpse of Mr America. 

He of course totally ate it up. You know he loves being loved.

Shall we play Photo Assumption on Katie Holmes? 

Photo Assumption says she’s totally over it. 

Photo Assumption says she’d rather be in New York developing a crush on Paul Dano.

Photo Assumption says she’s finally starting to remember she used to have a personality.

Photo Assumption says she wants to take her kid and run. 

Photo Assumption says – wasn’t the original rumoured contractual term 5 years? 

Lainey says those tights are ugly and make her legs look stumpy. Also…are those teddy bears on her dress? I want. Do I? Duana, do I? 

Afterwards the Cruise family travelled via helicopter to their hotel. The Valkyrie Helicopter. It kills me. 

Photos from Scott Larson/