Like I said, this guest list at the National Movie Awards tonight in London was quite impressive. Tom Cruise is a major get. And he showed up tonight with a geo-striped dress that looks better when she’s stationary than when she’s moving around. Partly because I think the booties are too heavy with the length and also because her gait isn’t great.

With her hair longer now though, she does look younger and fresher than she has in a long while. Almost like when they first met.

KatE, as he keeps calling her in his new interview with Esquire, will soon be working on the History Channel Kennedy Family miniseries starring as Jacqueline Kennedy. They are shooting in Toronto this summer.

As for that Esquire interview – click here to see the images (they’re actually really good, especially the old ones, with him holding Isabella, he’s hot) – my favourite quote is the one below. You probably already know why:

"Because we do live in a cynical world. It's easy to be cynical. Making the choice not to be cynical is important.”

He does this all the time, I think. He just keeps repeating his lines from his movies. It’s the craziest sh-t ever, I love it so much.

Photos from and Dave Hogan/Gareth Cattermole/MAX NASH/