Look at him. Wearing every colour under the rainbow, no pun intended, and too new jeans….and a jacket that shines? It shines! It shines with a sheen! Have you ever seen anyone as UNcool as Tom Cruise? Why work so hard working out only to wear a purple sweater in Los Angeles in the middle of f&cking August???

Here they are at last night’s Tropic Thunder premiere scaring the sh*t out of everyone, as usual, with their over-exuberance. Like you’ve never seen happy until you’ve seen these two happy. Together. Like you’ve never seen a smile until you’ve seen Katie and Tom smile. Together. The effect though, as described by those who’ve had the pleasure to witness it, is hilariously frightening, not unlike watching a horror movie and nervously giggling through the build up to the scary parts.

As for Robo … well she rushed home from NYC to join her husband because he apparently can’t walk a carpet solo anymore. He’s expected to be in New York with her permanently through the fall.

Tropic Thunder is being received reasonably well with RDJ, naturally, earning rave reviews and yes, Tom’s much discussed cameo apparently now launching a career in comedy, which totally makes sense. We’re all laughing at him anyway, non?

Photos from Wenn.com