One by one, gossips. One by one he’s taking over all of them. One by one he’s changing the best of them – under the guise of studio ownership and the promise of professional partnerships, the GMD is luring the best to Xenu. Like Ebola, he can never be vanquished.

Last night out for dinner, not content to have corrupted Will Smith, now Tom Cruise has his sights set on Forest Whitaker. And he charmed Forest and his wife Keisha with his signature move: Presenting Katie Holmes!

Here she is, dead-eyed and numb, trotted out and on display – business per usual. On the contrary, it’s been ages since we’ve seen Little Sci. Where IS Little Sci? Little Sci turns two next month… no doubt we’ll all be invited to her birthday party via People Magazine and an exclusive photo deal. The MiniVan Majority goes kookoo for baby birthdays.