These two, on a date to see Denzel Washington in “Fences” last night, with their presentations and their chivalry, it’s all great for the Princess types but for bitches like me it just looks so f-ckin’ complicated. Their hands, and the manoeuvring, and the repositioning, can you walk independently for 30 seconds? Who’s going to break? 

Well, Katie does look a little fragile in the face in these photos. Those doe eyes seem sad. Or maybe, as many of you have already suggested, she’s already in character as Jacqueline Kennedy. Robo has indeed been extra beautiful, if not extra empty, recently despite a constant stream of weird trouser selection. 

As for Tom Cruise, he’s in full promotion mode, out and about in NYC yesterday with Cameron Diaz on the morning show run, happily obliging fans, very handsome (although is it just me or is his head expanding?), and revelling in his superstar attention. 

Reviews for Knight & Day have been mixed, but still considered “fresh” among top critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Doesn’t seem like anyone can hate any movie as much as Sex & the City 2 this summer. As for box office though, Cruise and co are hoping for a miracle. I want for them this miracle. The Movie Star needs a miracle. 

Photos from Ahmad Elatab-SaleemElatab/