The GMD and Robobride went out for dinner last night in New York…and guess who they dined with? To whom did Tom "present" his wife?

None other than Jerry Seinfeld and his wife Jessica.


There are many, many, many similarities. Most notable: both men married younger women. In fact, the age difference between Jerry and Jessica and Tom and Katie is almost exactly the same. And of course there’s the Church.

The GMD’s love affair with Xenu is well documented but it turns out Jerry Seinfeld studied Scientology many years ago and even said it helped him. Given that Jerry Seinfeld might just be richer than even he is, it’s not surprising then that Tom might want to reconnect with the comedian for an updated sip from the Xenu fountain.

And certainly it must have been nice to commiserate together as well. While the Cruises are battling the Morton biography and the viral explosion yesterday of that creepy but hilarious Scientology instructional video, Jerry and his wife have been sued for defamation and copyright infringement over Jessica’s curious cookbook.

Perhaps the GMD was giving the Seinfelds pointers on how to “not hesitate to put his ethics in someone else”?

How might an “ethics inserting” conversation go, anyway?

Do you tell them? Do you prepare them? Do you say:

I’m going to put my ethics in you now.

Or do you just put your ethics in someone without asking? For an instructional video, it really didn"t explain too much, non?