Or heels?

They’re so clever these days with the hidden lift technology, you really can’t tell. 

Here are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in New York last night with matching-ish footwear, heading to see American Idiot on Broadway before picking up Little Sci for dinner. Katie’s been in NYC promoting The Kennedys and Tom is taking the opportunity to continue preparing for his upcoming role in the big screen adaptation of Rock of Ages. This could also explain why Jon Bon Jovi (not pictured) was at the restaurant too. Don’t lie. You can’t wait to see Tom singing Wanted Dead Or Alive. 

Rock of Ages is being directed by Adam Shankman who also directed John Travolta in Hairspray. That experience, um, supposedly unleashed a little anti-Sci behaviour that ended up having to be suppressed. Or is it audited? But Tom practises at a much higher level of Hubbardness. Will be very interested to see how closely the Xenu keeps an eye on him. 

Photos from Jackson Lee/Splashnewsonline.com