Of course they had to. Of course they had to pose with SJP. SJP just won the box office. And you know how the GMD loves to grow himself onto anything and anyone mildly successful.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes did not walk the carpet last night but tried to pimp their fraud love backstage and also loitered about, freakin’ people out with their crazy eyes, giving people chills with their weird intense stares. SJP was one of the recipients. As you can see, she’s trying to avoid his scientological brain freeze. Hope it worked.

Because on a night of cool, all Tom and Katie could manage was a Xenu sized dose of square. Lame. Not hip. Two total dorks.

Yes…even Katie too.

Katie Holmes can no longer dress her age. Katie Holmes can’t even manage to look right in jeans!


Imagine losing the ability to properly wear a pair of jeans? And she’s not even 30?

Among the many things he’s taken from her, this just might hurt the most. Marrying a ‘mo is one thing, but marrying a ‘mo who deprives you of your Jean Mojo? I could never. Never, ever, ever.

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PS. They say he is amazing in Tropic Thunder. That it will complete the career revival. He had to wear a fat suit and look nothing like himself to accomplish it. Hee.