Last night at UCLA for a Samuel Beckett celebration – rather ironic considering Beckett’s work is perhaps the antithesis to Tom’s gleaming teeth and rah rah rah persona or, given another interpretation, perhaps it is GMD’s very existence that underscores the oppressive social shackles imposed upon those exalted by the MiniVan Majority… though I have a sinking suspicion Beckett would have been vehemently opposed to alien religions and couch-jumping displays of affection. But here’s Katie hard at work, flanked by Paul Bloch, publicist for Camp Cruise, both on pre-wedding assignment as Katie begins her 2 week walk down the plank – 14 days of freedom remain, 14 days before the heavy doors close and plans for Second Sci begin in earnest. Thing is – she really does look good when she’s working, non? Fabulous tuxedo, always ready with a smile, gracious and sweet and kind and rosy – the perfect spokesperson for the cause. In fact, she’s so bewitching, I *almost* believe. More photos and video at X17