Part of the production deal, I suppose. And since Daniel Snyder is financing his career, it’s time for the GMD to run with the playbook, showing up for the Washington Redskins game on Sunday, supporting his new boss and also doing a little cross courting of his own. As I’ve mentioned before, Daniel Synder has deep pockets, and we all know how aliens love money. We also know that Tom is one of the Church’s most effective recruiters, and I hear they were talking business just prior to the game, which explains the austere attire, not to mention the convenient little visit on the sidelines. But enough with the Cruise campaign… can we talk just a little about Katie’s legs. Don’t kill me, I really have to let my bitch come out and play and well… it’s the calves, you know? They’re just not proportionate to the rest of her body – totally trim and slim after baby. Not that she can help the fact that everything just goes straight down from the knees to the feet and yet I’m thinkin’ the length of the hem could have cut her off somewhere more flattering and…ummmmm…the ankle boots? Stubby ain’t sweet…savvy? Photos from Gossip Rocks