He just wishes it was Robert Pattinson’s. 

Seen these? For those who haven’t, it’s Tom Cruise reprising his memorable role from Tropic Thunder as Les Grossman in two ads for the upcoming MTV Movie Awards airing June 6th. The first is a play on Risky Business. For years I’ve never been able to articulate why his feet in those socks bothers me in that scene. Anyway, Tom Cruise gets to slap the ass of a stand in for his own. It’s like jerking off to yourself, non? Yes of course he was shooting on green screen or whatever but don’t you think he would have wanted to make it as real as possible? And then imagine it was Robert Pattinson’s? 

In a second Les-inspired clip, Tom “belligerates” Pattinson for suggesting he’d wash his hair. I’m not convinced they actually shot this together. It’s cut almost as though they were making up for the fact that the two weren’t in the same room. Which could account for Pattinson’s lack of flow. He would have benefited from being in the same room when Tom’s performance was unfolding. Having said that, Pattinson is so much hotter when speaking in his own voice with that accent. It certainly would have improved Remember Me. Marginally. 

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Photo from Wenn.com