Talk about composure at an early age. Check out footage from X17, Little Sci on display in Rome last night – chaos through the streets and the GMD’s cute cute cute baby was hardly flummoxed by the frenzy! Disturbing? A little. But you do have to admire the show they’re putting on. Reminds me of Nicole’s wedding circus just this summer in Australia. When every move was catalogued for public consumption, even the invitation made available to the media, and of course all the details disseminated for our smutty pleasure. Ten years of togetherness, same publicity-seeking tactics…do you love it, or do you LOVE it? Oh – and one more thing. There’s been much debate about Little Sci’s size. Y’all say she looks too big to be only 6 months. In the video, she’s much smaller – the photos definitely add 10 pounds. Still. Two words. Josh Hartnett.