Lourdes kills me. Check out the attitude. The way she holds her chin. Who else but Madonna’s kid? Who else could wear that little cap with such aplomb? Lola is a great example of my Celebrity Baby Theory at work. When you break it down, Madonna falls somewhere between Average and Above Average. Goodlooking but not breathtaking. Carlos is the same. Average looks enhanced by a pretty great body. Put ‘em both together and you get Average + Average = HOT. Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon – a beauty blossoming before our very eyes. The hair, I LOVE the hair, the ballerina body, the wonderful olive complexion, and of course the NOSE. I covet her nose!!! I’m telling you, gossips…this girl is going to break hearts. And since playing cupid for celebrity offspring is one of my favourite pastimes, what do you think of Lourdes and Connor Cruise? Photos from Saving Face