As you know, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are going to the wedding…some say it’s because Marc has been asked to perform – innocent enough, right? Hmmmm… Do you recall JLo’s growing bond with Leah Remini? Over the summer, shopping, lunching, walking, scientologising perhaps for the benefit of the pappies and the Church of Many Secrets and, certainly, Leah’s own profile…I mean The King of Queens is one thing, a member of the Lopez entourage is another altogether. But while Jennifer looks appropriately glamourous and chic upon arrival in Rome – can’t f*cking wait for the style showdown between her and Posh! – in my opinion, there is MUCH cause for concern. Do you recall what I wrote waaaaay back in June? Click here for a full recap, an except is below: “Besides, when it comes to J.Lo we have bigger problems to worry about. Because it looks like our glowing girl is becoming BFFs with Leah Remini. Leah Remini the Scientologist. So if I were Marc, I’d be careful. Once upon a time, Katie Holmes was a Catholic too. Think about it. In addition to being a gay haven, the “Church” can provide much needed solutions to some of Hollywood’s stickiest problems and I wonder if Jennifer’s current state of mind and lack of child will put her on a desperate mission to do whatever it takes. Sounds dramatique, I know, but they don’t call it a cult for nothing. And doesn’t every cult have a recruitment strategy?” I worry, gossips…I worry. She might not be as malleable as Katie and she’s certainly not as wide-eyed and innocent but everyone has a price and you really have to wonder if the Hubbardites have found it and if JLo will want a piece. Source