So you know he split from his wife. And you already know he immediately hooked up with his co-star. Don’t ask me what her name is. I can’t be bothered to memorise the identity of every 2 bit actress on every 2 bit sitcom in Hollywood. All I know is that she’s blonde and she’s generic. The others details I’ll leave to you for homework. A rather quick rebound from a rather long celebrity relationship, don’t you think? Well, as you would suspect, this thing was over a long time ago and I’ve been able to piece together how it happened. Allegedly, of course. Delicate ground here, gossips. I trust you understand. Exclusive insider information from sources in Victoria, BC where the unraveling began. This is what we know for sure: Matt visited a peeler bar. You’ll recall the statement he issued through the National Enquirer afterwards, publicly apologizing to his wife and child, claiming that a stripper had basically accosted him and he felt helpless to her advances. "The stripper was all over me. I acted like a fool in allowing myself to be led astray and placed in such a horrible situation and I feel ashamed. As a family man, I"ve asked myself, "How could I have been so stupid and naïve to get myself into such a situation with a stripper?" Ummm…I don’t think so. You don’t give an exclusive to the Enquirer for no reason. And it doesn’t take a Ph.D. in gossip to smell something smutty when it gets followed up with breaking scoop on the divorce, courtesy of one of the most notorious rags in the business. Now according to my spies, here’s what ALLEGEDLY went down… He hits the club. She gropes him, he gropes back. And then they allegedly disappeared for the rest of the night. Rumour has it, she’s been telling everyone that he ended up back at her place where they ALLEGEDLY did more than just groping. Full on infidelity, full on coital action with a professional professional. Then the Enquirer gets hold of it. And the stripper says that Matt ALLEGEDLY paid the paper to keep it quiet, made a deal with the devil, promised to give them the first word, and they in turn allegedly paid off the working girl to keep her mouth shut. How ‘bout that for an intricate, well executed PR strategy? You see, gossips…even B-list hasbeen sitcom stars know how to package and roll with the best of them. Which kinda makes me wonder how the hell Tom Cruise f&cked up so badly. And you wonder why we celebrity gossip bloggers are so cynical when it comes to Hollywood???