In Rome, Little Sci with her parents dressed in white – paperwork perhaps in advance of the Saturday ceremony? Sorry gossips…can’t help it. But she is sooooo cute! And soooo long! Clearly not her father’s genes… And um…don’t mean to be catty but is the GMD looking a little less taut these days? As in bulging out of that suit? Definitely not as fit as he was in MI:3 which I just saw this weekend, not a bad movie actually, and he did look…even cute…until he jumped on his manly man motorcycle and then I had to giggle. Is it possible to take him seriously anymore? But then there’s Katie. Love the polish colour, don’t you? She does exert a certain grace, an intangible elegance, I can’t help but admire her. And yet I suppose her greatest asset is also her greatest albatross. That which makes her lovely also makes her indispensable. Katie can’t run. Katie is locked. For a long, long time. Source