Tom Cruise – he was Mr Popular last night, wasn’t he? Could not WAIT til commercial break, at which point he apparently launched himself up out of his chair in a mad dash to talk to Leo, to Kate, to Steven, to Clint, to anyone who would meet his mother. 

Bitch is f-cked up and weird but you have to admire the effort. It’s endearing to see a midge try so hard. 

And he looked great too, non? Trim, tanned, a well cut tux, the haircut that made him famous – in the last month or so he’s lost 15 years. Granny Freeze is jealous.

As for his current wife – Katie wrapped up on All My Sons last night, her final performance, so she must have been exhausted, right? 

Doesn’t matter.

A helicopter straight to the jet, and by the time he was at the afterparties she was right by his side. Of course. It’s always about the business. And for Tom Cruise at the Globes last night, there was much business to be done. He lives to see another day. 

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