Ballsy. Big ballsy.

How else can you describe it? Janice Min’s attack on enemies of Us Weekly, more often than not the ones who favour People Magazine over her Gossip Bible, and this week the target is once again the GMD. You’ll recall exactly a month ago, the headline blared “Inside Katie’s Prison”, labeling Cruise’s antics “psychopathic” and describing a life of supervision and relinquished control – poor Katie trapped with no one to help her.

No one that is but for Scientologists who have been assigned to “mind” her every minute of the day. And not only is she never alone, she has also now been told to take “Mommy Classes”, conducted of course by disciples of The Xenu and confirmed by the Church as “parenting classes”, imposed upon Katie to help her become a better mother. Needless to say, these kinds of details will most certainly not go over well with the MiniVan Majority, charmed only 6 months ago by their fairy tale wedding, and now conflicted between the People Magazine illusion and the Us Weekly assault.

More interesting of all though, especially for the litigious Cruise – there was not even an empty threat of a lawsuit last time and there likely won’t be one this time, though I suppose Janice isn’t calling him a Homo which is what really gets his goat.

However, given the increasingly aggressive tactics of Us Weekly towards stars who are not onside, I would not be surprised if Janice and her team start inching there soon. Perhaps when Andrew Morton finishes his f&cking book? If he finishes his f&cking book? What the hell is taking so long?

And what about the issue of publication bias? Is this more motivated by revenge because the Cruises continue to favour People Magazine"s "we"ll print whatever your publicist tells us to" position or is Katie truly suffering through hell inside that sinister compound?

You already know what I think. Suppressing his Gay has made him Crazy. That girl is on lock down. Trust.