Arguments for:
- Katie Holmes and Little Sci: his two best assets who have charmed the MiniVan to no end, especially that adorable baby girl. Who doesn’t love Little Sci?
- people are nostalgic. Top Gun lives on. Some are still blind to the chills of the Church
- he wants it bad: Morton’s book notwithstanding, a lot is riding on Lions for Lambs so there is no doubt, he will campaign and he will campaign hard. In exchange for the possibility of multiple exclusives, People Magazine may not be able to resist
- Xenu is powerful

Arguments against:
- Dude is a freak. Always will be
- he looks like sh-t and while it’s easy to remember him as Maverick, the current iteration juxtaposed against the hot pilot is too much of a reminder not of what he is but what he used to be
- three words: Gay Midget Dwarf
- Xenu is scary

Odds: 30 to 1