That’s the story according to the National Enquirer. And while my first instinct is usually an eye roll whenever I read anything associated with that rag, it"s hard to ignore this one especially since they"ve been right on top of Whitney"s descent into crackhead hell from the minute they paid off her unscrupulous sister in law. Tina Brown says that Bobby came home one day and couldn"t find his wife. "At first he thought she was just off on another drug binge" but then he found out that her family had put her in rehab. The way the story reads, it doesn"t sound like they wanted to tell him anything. As you would expect, Whitney"s rep didn"t comment on the report. Can we pray this is the beginning of new things? That finally, after several attempts, Whitney will get clean? That she will take her head out of her f&ckin" cracked out ass and divorce that piece of black Federline she married and get on with it? Because the biggest tragedy here is not that she"s throwing her own life away, it"s the fact that she"s clearly ruining her child"s. Take a look at Bobbi Kristina, at 13, left to her own devices, and at this rate, threatening to outskank and outslut Paris Hilton before her 16th birthday. And don"t call me melodramatic. At Covenant House Vancouver, I"ve seen kids as young as 12 years old from well to do families, jacked up on crystal meth, usually the result of having morons for parents. I think this child fits the description, non? Pray for Whitney, y"all. And above all, pray for Bobbi Kristina. PS. Tom Cruise claims that he can get someone off heroin in just 3 days? Should we sent him to Whitney?