I was interviewed today for the Canadian Press and Edmonton radio, every entertainment news site and blog blasted the story on their headlines, my inbox is overflowing with your comments (thank you!) and at the end of the day, people can’t stop talking about the multigenerational scientologists and the 22 page photo spread/interview featured in this month’s issue of Vanity Fair. Now I know the buzz isn’t all positive and I’m certainly aware that the healthy dose of scepticism surrounding his every move shows no sign of receding but if the GMD can still generate such a high level of interest, even to the point of obsession, to the sound of a thousand conspiracy theories forming their own symphony of smut, it can only mean one thing on the Hollywood landscape: He is still relevant, this issue will sell out huge, so help us Goddess, and if indifference is truly the wooden stake in the heart of fame, I’m afraid to say that Tom Cruise will not be UNfamous any time soon. Infamous? Perhaps. But infamy, as we’ve seen in the case of Paris Hilton, still manages to generate a motherload of cold hard cash, especially in Hello Kitty land. And when you factor the MiniVan Majority into the mix – well… suffice to say, where is that f&cking book!!! Here are a few more from the much talked about Family Album, where the other two children are even given a page or two, and you can see that the open affection between Tom and his “Kate” is proudly on display, to the point that I’m actually starting to think they are morphing in to one huge ball of grinning goop. Gotta love the overt masculinity angle though, non? Particularly the one where she’s lying on his chest with his eyes closed? I mean, COME ON. Are we expected to believe he’s sleeping??? And again in the mountaintop, wind blowing in the grass, horse whisperer pose – it’s a beautiful shot and I am completely taken with this gorgeous baby but still…the closed eyed cheese factor is just much much too much, there’s just something about a few of these images that stinks of contrivance so putrid I’m hard pressed not to gag. But then again… maybe it’s just me? After all, my Chinese chicken of a mother prefers to show love through casino chips and ginseng rather than something as uncomfortably un-Asian as a hug, and I suppose I’m not exactly the best judge of appropriate heart-warming behaviour. So yes. I am sure there are those who are losing their sh*t over the “sweetness and togetherness” brilliantly captured by Annie Leibowitz. But what about you? What are your thoughts? Photos from ONTD