I asked yesterday if we could offer her a reprieve, if we could properly determine adequate punishment for her brief scientological psychosis, and if so, what that would entail. Turns out such a discussion isn"t necessary. Because it seems as though Pene is still a proud, card carrying member of Team Gay Midget Dwarf, ready and willing when called upon to stand up for Little Sci and, more alarmingly, for the Church of all the Sci"s…big and small. Recent statements below: "I have read a lot of books about it and some of those things I have studied have helped me with things in my life. I would feel bad with myself if I didn"t say that I was grateful to it because of what I learned about it. A lot of my friends have been helped by their programme - they have the most successful anti-drug problem in the world and they deserve a lot of credit for it. They have places everywhere. It is amazing because it is about helping the person find the reason why they started in the beginning instead of creating guilt." And in case you"re wondering, she"s talking here about Narconon, a drug treatment method - the only drug treatment method - espoused by Scientology. You"ll recall Tom Cruise once claimed he personally helped "cure" a heroin addict in a miraculously short 3 days. Three days. But years and years of scientific research? All rubbish. Some guy starts his own religion based on alien inhabitation and praise Thetan, it"s the end all and be all of substance abuse??? And Penelope Cruz is still an advocate??? Sure. I"ll buy it. As soon as Tommy pays us a visit at Covenant House Vancouver, where every year we see thousands of at risk youth dealing with the conundrum of dual diagnosis, when they turn to drugs to numb the pain of mental illness and are consequently refused drug treatment because they suffer from mental illness. Yes, gossips... as soon as he rolls up with his massive teeth in his massive overcompensating Harley to help us sort it all out - then maybe I"ll go Martian. Until then, Penelope Cruz is out of love. Oh…and check out these old photos I"ve dug up from my archives. Does that intense embrace look familiar or what??? Read the full article here and thanks to Laura for the tip.