Little Sci and Armani, Little Sci and Mom…I love Little Sci. Hopefully Little Sci isn’t living a Big Lie. Sigh. My favourite photo from this ridiculous media circus has to be Connor carrying his baby sister down the aisle. I’m a hard ass bitch but for some reason, just looking at it makes me weepy. And then I remember – what a sweet moment captured on camera and SHARED WITH US ALL. Funny how the GMD manages to taint every Hallmark moment with his sinister flair, non? Next – much was made just hours before the wedding when photos surfaced of Katie looking morose at a castle window. The expression was actually due to the streaming sun but many gossips at the time called it the “Free Me!” pose…hilarious but not likely. More insightful perhaps is how somber she looks as her veil is being fitted. MiniVan Majority members will no doubt describe this as “a moment of reflection”, a serious acknowledgement of the “deep commitment” into which she was about to enter – the mark of a very true and deeply loyal bride. Fortunately, I can’t relate to such sentimental puke, especially since on my wedding day, when my own veil was being placed, my mother wouldn’t stop squawking about her own hair and makeup, impatiently waiting for the artist to finish with me so that she could be urgently tended to because, of course, she was dressed in all pink, with a plumed pink hat and matching shoes, encrusted with rhinestones – an ensemble more memorable than the bride. That would be me. But I digress. We were talking about Katie and her countenance, something I would characterise not as contentment but as “courage”, summoning courage, similar to taking a deep breath before facing the gallows … to say nothing of the photographers, for which she has gamely smiled and posed almost convincingly – that pic with Armani is a good example. So I wonder if the Smiths can equal Katie’s performance because without a doubt, the most alarming photo of all of this has to be Will and Jada and the Sci Ruler, David Miscavige. Just me or did you get chills? Big chills. Something about Will’s heavy lids and Jada’s affected turn of the chin – it’s freakin’ me out and I’m worried: Is this the New Sign? A New Sign heralding a replacement for The Flying Star, he who may have defected, leaving a void possibly filled by Will? And if you think I’m being melodramatic, you obviously haven’t been doing your Church homework. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As I said, I’m now paranoid my phone is tapped. Think about it gossips…if the IRS was powerless to their tactics, what makes you think they haven’t infiltrated the vulnerable Smiths??? Source