Have you seen this movie? I’m telling you – it’s a great movie. Absurd and twisted and slightly unbelievable but hella funny, I loved every single dysfunctional minute, and every single dysfunctional character, including child star Abigail Breslin. Especially Abigail Breslin. And child stars usually freak me out. Case in point: Dakota Fanning. For the record, she’s ALWAYS freaked me out. Before the Halloween costumes and Tom Cruise, before the awkward age, before this controversial rape scene in her next movie (WTF???), Dakota Fanning was freakin’ me out in Sweet Home Alabama – you remember that? Starring Reese Witherspoon, she played Little Reese in the childhood flashback and even then, the sight of her 70 year old soul trapped in a 9 year old body kissing another boy… Total Sickness. Abigail Breslin on the other hand? I have loved her since Signs – Bo…isn’t that cutest name??? And of course she is equally as cute and precocious in Sunshine withOUT making you feel dirty and perverted, in sharp contrast of course to those other girls parading around in spray tan and 2 feet of makeup and sequins, which represents – to me anyway – the contrast between Abigail and Dakota. Because Dakota Fanning is a wind-up doll. And of course I blame her mother, but still, it doesn’t make it any less creepy. Thing is though, somehow, some way, Hollywood always screws up the good ones…especially when they start so young. Which is why we need to be thankful for Abigail Breslin while we can. Check her out on Conan the other day, decidedly more mature, showing unmistakable signs of too cool for school valley girl, but still there are some hilarious moments, especially when they sing and dance together. Love, love, love. Source