My #1 (and sorry, I still can’t figure out how to update the Freebie Five) received two nods for Best Actor with Forest Whitaker, Peter O’Toole, and Will Smith rounding out the rest but his double honour pushed out Ryan Gosling who has earned widespread critical praise for a largely unseen grossly unpromoted effort. This however is about Leo, at just 32 cementing his status at the top of the pile – a young actor with industry support, a glowing resume, virtually NO scandal, socially conscious, known more for his work and less for his lovelife and he’s not a dickhead on set…in other words a veritable clinic on how to build a career. And though analysts are already predicting that his two nominations will cancel each other out, making way for Forest Whitaker (perhaps the Philip Seymour Hoffman of the season), there is no doubt one day, no doubt at all: My Leo will get his. See attached from his last trip to Oscar – their first red carpet appearance together, oddly enough, just before breaking up …it’s my favourite photo of them from that night. Love the way he’s looking at her unabashedly modelising, unapologetically squiring around his trophy. It’s old school but call me Cruise, I think it’s f&cking sexy.