You can kick him and punch him, you can expose him for a freak, but the GMD, like Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton, is as resilient as a cockroach. Simply put…he cannot be vanquished. What’s more, every temporary setback only makes him stronger.

So he skipped the carpet last night, doesn’t look like KatE was with him, and showed up to present the major award of the evening to the cast of No Country for Old Men. Looks like someone got a haircut. And maybe even a shot of Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman into his forehead. Because all of a sudden he looks younger and way cuter.

Almost cute enough to banish the Xenu memories and the maniacal cackle. Almost. But not quite. Not quite enough to allow him to put his ethics into me.

Would you let Tom put his ethics into you?