Liv Tyler last night at the premiere of Reign Over Me starring Adam Sandler. She’s lovely, non? Like really, really, really beautiful. Like, the most perfect face ever. And I’m totally down with her husband too. Royston Langdon. Call me Cruise but I think he’s Quirky Sexy. Probably because he resembles Thom Yorke who of course is the sexiest quirky bitch. And come to think of it, Adam Sandler too. Am impressed by the way he’s managed his career balancing a few choice dramatic roles with the goofy ones without trying too hard – hello Jim Carrey. Advance word is that his performance in Reign is stellar which, hopefully, should more than make up for that waste of time called Click. But I digress. About Liv. Working steadily again, a few new projects on the go, personal life is uneventful for now, though my smutty sense is tingling for no good reason and I’m trying to make it stop. Would be nice to see Liv make love last. Source