More hilarity courtesy of the GMD’s devotion to Xenu – yet another video has surfaced of Tom receiving the IAS Freedom Medal of Valour Award at some Scientology clusterf&ck (???) and saluting a huge portrait of L Ron Hubbard on stage. Like Top Gun all over again. Except this time we’re fighting aliens and no hot men playing beach volleyball.

But it’s the voice-over that kills me. No seriously… are they serious? This is the kind of voice normally used in a parody – like a comedy sketch, like Saturday Night Live. And this is what they’ve chosen to sell their product? And they don’t expect people to laugh?

Crazier still… their followers actually DON’T laugh. How can that voice not make you laugh??? Can you imagine being so devout, so brainwashed, so audited, scientologified that watching this doesn’t make you laugh???

Click here for the clip. You will lose your sh*t. Promise.

Attached – photos of the GMD out and about yesterday with Little Sci and Jerry Seinfeld. I call it freak by association… not unlike the Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton approach.

Don’t you feel differently about Jerry now knowing that Tom Cruise did not hesitate to put his ethics in him?

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