Check out Tom Cruise arriving in Tokyo today, to the delight of the Hello Kitties waiting for him at the airport, to kick off the press tour for Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, opening on December 21...the same day as The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Ethan Hunt vs Lisbeth Salander, who do you choose?

To be honest...

I choose both. 

Do you think less of me? 

Of course I’m seeing Girl Dragon Tattoo. And I’ll probably go see that first. But then I’ll also give Tom Cruise some of my money because, frankly, I’m curious to see how hard he tries and how his hard-trying will play next to Jeremy Renner. There’s also the Burj Khalifa. Having just been to Dubai and the Burj Khalifa - it’s SO F-CKING TALL you have a hard time believing it - I need to watch him throw himself out of the window. Remember, HE DID THAT HIMSELF!!!

Have you seen the footage? 

Even the footage makes me want to throw up. And, as you’d expect, because, you know, HE IS TOM CRUISE, he’s not only swinging from the Burj Khalifa, he’s f-cking RUNNING ON IT (looking super dorky).



So are you ready? For Tom getting up in your face a lot over the next 3 weeks. They’re pushing this. Heavy. So heavy they invaded college football. At that historic game in Texas on Thanksgiving, the Aggies vs the Longhorns, Tom Cruise made an appearance (thanks Cynthia!). This is what was played:


Awkward segue, non? 


Right now...

I think I might like Tom Cruise more than George Clooney.