Why hasn’t Glenn Close won an Oscar? I worship Glenn Close. I have worshipped her since Les Liaisons Dangereuses, as the inimitable Marquise de Merteuil, there is one scene that has to rank in my top 5 all time favourites. When Valmont says to her: “Will it be love or war? A single word is all that is required.” And she looks at him hard with this in return: “Alright,” dramatic pause… “War”. The dialogue! SOOOO f&cking sublime! Nearly 20 years later – damn, am I that old??? – and I worship Glenn even more. For the acting, for the brilliant career, and also because unlike so many of her peers she has chosen not to mutilate her face. H0pefully Sunset Boulevard will bring her Oscar gold. But if not, for what it’s worth, I think she’s one of the best. And definitely a candidate in 30 years for the Honourary Oscar that they give you when you can’t win one the regular way. Hmmmm…wonder if Tom Cruise will ever get himself one of those.