Leaving their Miami hotel the other day – surprisingly from this angle, Tom actually looks kinda fresh. Anyway, do you watch Extras? Ricky Gervais’s follow-up to The Office? F*cking hilarious. Seriously, seriously funny. And embarrassing. Two idiots bumbling their way through film sets unintentionally but intentionally insulting every minority group including the handicapped, blacks, Asians, a man with one leg shorter than the other, and victims of civil war – and that’s just Season 1. It’s painful but you can’t help it, half the time I’m squirming on the couch – he makes you THAT uncomfortable…which of course is his point, really, and the essence of Ricky’s genius. Thing is though – Extras is on purpose. Extras is written to make you feel squeamish. Extras is not a candid video of the Gay Midget Dwarf attempting to get down with his cookie cutter wife with embarrassingly lame results. Tell me you’ve seen these videos… Why does he keep trying to grope her? Are you cringing? I’m cringing. I’m cringing about his repeated attempts while she’s boppin’ along with the music to wrap his arms around her and massage her neck (WTF?). I’m cringing at his hilarious attempt to tango and I’m especially cringing about the way he won’t stop talking to her, as she’s trying to feel out the groove and he’s trying pathetically to keep up, he also keeps leaning over for a conversation, so she smiles blithely back, almost indulgently, as if in a daze…and shocker of all shockers – she doesn’t have anything to say in return! He talks, she listens, she looks back into his eyes, she smiles, she keeps swaying from side to side, he talks, she listens, she looks back into his eyes, she smiles, repeat process five more times. I’m telling you…it’s f*ckin’ weird. And while I know I’m biased, while I know I can’t stand that raving lunatic and his lobotomized bride, I’ve no doubt even the most indifferent gossips will watch these and feel a smutty tingle, if not an overwhelming sense of discomfort. Click here for the first clip and here for the 2nd - steel yourself, I’m warning you. Source