On the heels of Janice Min’s gutsy cover, the GMD and his wife played dress up at a gala last night in his honour. As you would expect, Katie was perfectly manicured, Tom was all smiles and all adoring. Would it surprise you then if People Online runs a photo and a quote later on today about how “marvelously happy” they are together? And how “amazing and magnificent” it is for her to be a mother to Little Sci and Connor and Isabella? Am watching closely, stay tuned. But still… is it too little too late? Has the MiniVan already turned? Doubtful… but we can hope. As for Katie – she really does look great, non? Bit too conservative but then again, given that she’s already locked up inside his house, why should it be surprising that he’s imposed a style straightjacket on her wardrobe too? Crazy f&cker… And going forward, to counter the Us Weekly claims, I’m hearing there will be more staged happy photos full of warmth and contentment alongside family and friends and of course scientological henchman protecting their investment. Because right now, Little Sci and Katie are the Crown Jewels in the Cruise Fraud. Chills, chills, chills. Source