You need a Hoff moment to kickstart your weekend? Take a look at TomTom attempt to groove on BET. You MUST click here. YOU MUST. Quite possibly The.Greatest.Moment.In.Television…like, EVER. Let"s make this crystal clear. It is TOTALLY ok to bop ya head if the Goddess gave you no rhythm. Call it the default move. Acceptable any time, anywhere. However, it is NEVER OK to do the white man motorcycle rev. NEVER. And it is even more criminal for Tom Cruise to do the white man motorcycle rev with a little bit of honky hip action on the side. SO NOT OK! But my favourite…my absolute favourite…was the little "jerk and seize" he tossed us three quarters of the way in, topped off by the sweet little step and head shake. Priceless action, gossips. Worth several repeat viewings…and most importantly, definitely deserving of all time Hasselhoff distinction. Tom and the Hoff…together at last.