“You"re everyone"s problem. That"s because every time you go up in the air, you"re unsafe. I don"t like you because you"re dangerous.”
I know I don’t need to explain the origin of that quote. And I know if you grew up in 80s believing the GMD wasn’t the GMD, and rewinding the beach volleyball scene over and over again, you probably have a little fondness in your heart for Val Kilmer. Even if he’s a daft prick. Even if he has an ego the size of his current ass. Even if he f&cked over his own career by being a bastard. Something about the sunglasses and the blond crew and being 12 at the time… you know what I mean?

Which is why to see him like this, literally like a bleached whale washed ashore – it makes me sad. Not to say he has to go McConaughey and start working out in public beside his trailer or anything but still… maybe a little less indulgence on Iceman’s part would be nice, non?